Maddie & Jackie are a pop/rock duo hailing from Santa Cruz, CA. They play original music that they both have written, with Maddie as the lead vocalist, keyboardist, and rhythm guitarist and Jackie as the lead guitarist and vocalist. The two sisters have shared the stage in several bands together for about 9 years and have recently started this project in the last year. They have been working with their friend, Ryan Loomis, who creates the beats for their songs and have been recording at a studio in Oakland with the legendary D-Wiz, who has worked with incredible artists such as Destiny's Child and En Vogue. They are currently managed by Global Talent Agency.

They have released their debut EP titled "Closer" as of October, 2020. Listen to it here: /music

Maddie and Jackie have been involved in various musical projects over the years; all of which have contributed to their colorful musical history to date. They have put their musical skills to use in the following projects:


*Jackie Rocks (Rock/Metal/Punk); having performed over 400 live shows

*Dressed In Roses (Indie/Pop); having performed over 100 live shows

*Beautiful Deception (Goth/Metal)

*Requiem/My Immortal Enemy; (Metal) Jackie was the lead guitarist and Vocalist while Maddie accompanied as a guest keyboardist

*Stellar Corpses (Horror Punk); Jackie was the lead guitarist and Maddie accompanied as a guest Keyboardist

*The Black Tigers (Rock/Pop), formed by Dusty Sheehan of Stellar Corpses, with Jackie as the Lead Guitarist and Maddie as the Keyboardist