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I Dream of You

Maddie & Jackie

"I Dream of You" is our latest release! It is available on all streaming platforms as well as our website here. Give it a listen!

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"I Dream of You" Video Release September 17, 2021! 

We've been working very hard on our upcoming music video for our latest single, "I Dream of You"! The song is currently available on all streaming platforms and the official music video will be out on Friday, September 17, 2021. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Instagram @MaddieAndJackie for updates on new music, videos and shows!

For now, check out our featured music video for our song "Closer" >>>


SANTA CRUZ, CA (October 1, 2020)


Break-out artist duo with long-standing musical history in the Bay Area, having performed over 300 live shows to date, Santa Cruz’s own Maddie & Jackie releases their debut Closer EP today via Spinnup and it is now available on all streaming platforms. 

The two sisters, Maddie Partida and Jackie Kohls, preceded its release with two singles “Selfish” and “Up in the Clouds” at the beginning of the year. They also released a Christmas song last winter titled “A Very Merry Christmas”. The new featured single is an upbeat, bilingual song they co-wrote titled “Closer”. Strong lead vocals by Maddie and shredding guitar solos by Jackie are showcased on every song and contribute to the uniqueness of the EP.

The Closer EP was recorded & produced at Santo recording studio by 25+ Platinum & Gold hits producer/audio engineer Dale “D-Wiz” Everingham, who has worked with artists such as Destiny’s Child and En Vogue. It also features catchy beats written by Maddie & Jackie’s friend, talented drummer and audio engineer, Ryan Loomis. 

Maddie & Jackie have been showcasing their songs by performing at West Coast Farmers market events all over the Bay Area for the past few months. They have been gaining a strong local following and are an innovative, much anticipated local artist.


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Live Performance on The Event Santa Cruz Radio Show KSQD 90.7

"Up in the Clouds" - Official Music Video